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We are focussed on Product Development and Digital Transformation Services

Data Science & Analytics

We are focussed on Product Development and Digital Transformation

Modern Machine Learning

We are focussed on Product Development and Digital Transformation Solutions


About Us

We dream of a day where technology relieves us, humans, from mediocrity and the whole of us think creatively and align in one direction - to be invincible.

  • We are Canada-based corporation with partnered offices in 8 countries.
  • Intellectz AI has partnership with companies that have teams in India, Poland, Indonesia, and Vietnam.
  • We started our first Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning product in 2022 with colossal data backup from various industries.
  • Extremely experienced leadership from various countries.
  • We can compete with any other industry leaders in block chain and AI development services.

To provide the most convenient, efficient and effective solutions to world through artificial intelligence

To assist humans throughout the globe and make their work much easier allowing them to work smarter not harder.


Intellectz Ai


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AI Development

We are not just an R&D company that helps you with prototypes for trade shows but we also help businesses to enable AI in existing systems and drive profitable results

Blockchain Development

Our expertise in blockchain technologies include solutions such as Smart Business Contracts, Automated Lottery Systems, Customer Loyalty & Rewards System, Real Estate Contract Management Systems and much more.

Web, App Development

Our engineers and experienced developers help to create rich products and applications that help businesses drive innovation and growth sustainably and edge out their competitors.

Robotic Process Automation

Accelerate your business growth by automating jobs and processes. Our expertise in Robotic Process Automation has helped several businesses and organizations to reduce the requirement of manpower and thereby to yield higher profit margins.

Enterprise Solutions

Build efficient communication and collaboration platforms for your globally diverse and distributed workforce that bridged barriers in location, time zones, and demographics.

Cloud Solutions

We will help our customers with new projects and enhancements, as well as build tailored cloud solutions with a smooth end-to-end transition for your company.

Intellectz AI Inc. is a one-stop solution for Cloud technologies.

  • Cloud Automation
  • Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Native Solutions
  • Cloud Optimization
  • Cloud Data Protection
  • Cloud Driven Application & Data Modernization


Our Products

We started its first Artificial Inelegance and Machine learning product in 2022 with colossal data backup from various industries. See the below our products.

Coin factory

CoinFactory is a set of goods and platforms that enables you to quickly bring your crypto or blockchain project to market. It includes an ICO and STO launch platform, as well as a Whitelabel NFT marketplace, Whitelabel crypto exchange, and White label crypto wallet. This product developed by our partner and this product suite has been battle-tested, is fully compliant, self-hostable, and highly scalable.

Over 45 firms have selected us to launch their initial coin offering (ICO) or security token offering (STO), raising over USD 640 million. Over 20 NFT markets, ten crypto exchanges, and countless crypto wallets and DeFi platforms use this white-label solution. The innovative but optional milestone contract feature of CoinFactory helps ICOs restore investor confidence. It allows legitimate ICOs to set themselves apart from fraud and attract the correct investors.


With Bud you can speak to your data. Without a single click analyse your data and build the AI models. You can speak to Bud in natural language, and he will always get back to you with the right insights & data. Data-driven businesses, unlike traditional businesses, expand exponentially rather than linearly. For example, consider the phenomenal success of firms like Amazon and Google, which have developed entire business models around the research and exploitation of data.

Because of the specialized skill set required to use the data, this option is frequently unavailable to SMEs, startups, and individuals seeking to expand their business using data from various sources. Our goal is to make BI and Data science accessible to everyone, including those with no prior experience with data analytics or artificial intelligence. With InsightsBud, you can use natural language to communicate with your data, extract essential insights, construct AI models, visualize it, etc. We believe that in about 5 years, the role of a data scientist will be obsolete.


Finding the correct multimedia files that contain the content you need is a time-consuming and laborious procedure. One would have to go through each file until they found the correct one. Searchyf allows you to get real-time information from multimedia assets.

It uses strong AI technology to convert films and other multimedia items into a searchable database. Searchyf's powerful computer vision capabilities can help you with a variety of multimedia analytics projects.


Emotyx enables you to harness intelligent and actionable insights from your CCTV footage in real-time to understand your customers better.

Emotyx is a real-time video analytics program powered by AI that allows businesses to gain intelligent insights from CCTV footage.

You can use it to automate security surveillance, customer and crowd analytics, people and vehicle counting, facility tracking, heatmap analytics, etc.


Accucerts is a blockchain-based certification platform that provides digital traceability of the certification process to ensure that certifications are valid and authentic.

It allows academic and corporate institutions to increase their legitimacy by producing non-forgeable certificates. Accucerts certifications are stored on a blockchain, cryptographically signed, tamper-proof, and may be shared.


Organizations worldwide invest millions of dollars to keep a specialized team of workers on staff to confirm that the rules put out by regulatory agencies are being followed. An AI-powered Change Management System called REIWAS enables businesses to automate this regulatory monitoring procedure. Using cutting-edge computer vision technology, our solution can recognize and document modifications to comply with websites dispersed across diverse companies. We work with you to free human resources from the tiresome duty of tracking website changes so that they can work on high-value projects.


With REIWAS, data may be gathered from various regulatory frameworks and compiled into a single, user-friendly dashboard. Additionally, it is possible to design unique notifications for various user groups. Receive immediate information of any changes.


Focus on new regulations as soon as a change is made. Create reports that provide vital insights on the necessary specifics to gather real-time intelligence about developments, enabling organizations to react swiftly and effectively.

  • Lesser time to monitor and manage changes
  • No need for a designated workforce for this task
  • More accurate and optimized results
  • Less expensive system to maintain and retrain changes
  • Manages silos created due to the use of multiple tools across departments
  • Aggregates risk management providing a holistic view


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